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Hungarian Unitarian Church

Unitarian Portal

- Hungarian Unitarian Church
- Bishops Office
-History  of  the HUCh
-Unitárius Élet - Unitarian Life magazine
-Unitarian Catechism and much more
-Beliefs and Thoughts
        Churches in Hungary:
Budapest, First
Bartók Béla,  Budapest
Pestszentlőrinc, Budapest

Transdanubia (Pécs)
East-Danubia (Kecskemét)
Bereg Unitarian Fellowship

*Budapest place finder (Map)
*Béla Bartók Memorial House
*Béla Bartók Memorial House on the map /how to get there/

Transylvanian Unitarian Church

*History of the Unitarian Church
*Dr. John Erdö- Transylvanian Unitarian Church
*Historical dates
*Unitarian songs
*Famous Unitarians
*Christian Sower magazine (Keresztény Magvető)


Partner Church Info

-Partner Church Council
-Partnered Churches
-Partner Church Finder (Map)
-PCC Newsletters
-UUPCC Travel Guide
-Partner Church News, Pilgrimages collection
-Sermons, confessions collection
   10 Photoalbum  2002 Transylvania

     4 Photoalbum  2003 Transylvania
     1 Photoalbum  2004 Spring   
   16 Photoalbum  2004 July (Tracy Gill)
        Pentecost Renewal Trip
        Pictures by Canadian visitors


European  Unitarian & UU Churches

.unitarian.org.uk - districts 
.Belgian Liberal Protestans
.Unitarians in Bordeaux
.Czeh Unitarians
.Croatian UU Community
.Dublin, Unitarian Church
.Danish Unitarian  Church
.Finn UU Association
.Suomen UU homepage
.French Chrsitian Unitarians
.French Liberal and ChristianUnitarian Portal
.Christian Unitarians in Italy
.Liberal Unitarians in Frankfurt
.Nederlands UU Fellowship
.Deutsche Unitarier
.Italian Unitarian Homepage
.Skottish Unitarian Church
.Spanish Unitarian Church
.UU Espana
-El Cáliz Azul - Spanish
.UU Hispano
.UU Geneva
.UU Italy
.The European Liberal Protestant Network
.Unitarians in Nancy (French)
.English Unitarians in Paris
.Polish Unitarian Church
.Unitarische Blätter
.Unitarische Akademie
.Unitarische Kirche in Berlin
.Norway Unitarians 
.Paris-Ile-de-France UU Association
.Russian Unitarian Church
.Russian Christian Unitarian Church
.European Unitarian Universalists
.Unitarian Universalist Felloship of Kaiserslautern
.Italian Unitarian Christian Net


UU's&Unitarians around the world

-Australian and New Zealand Unitarian Association   ANZUA
-South African Unitarians
-Latin American UU
-Puerto Rico UU
-International UU
-Tokyo (Japan) Unitarians
-Nigerian Unitarians 
-Srí Lanka UU
-Philipine Unitarians
-Pakistan Unitarians
-Mexican UU
-Argentina UU Center
-Argentina UU - new
- Iglesia Cristiana Unitaria
- Sao Paolo (Brasil) UU
- Hong Kong, Spiritual Seekers Society



+Weekly meditations
+Meditation Covenant Group
+Meditation on the UU Principles




Nemboitours - no problem - solutions
    Obtaining visas for visitors from Romania 
        Found transfer

Hungarian pronuntiation guide




Project Harvest Hope
History of PHH
The fruits of partnership
PHH projects
Harvest Hope pro Homoród


Magazines, Journals

*UU World magazin
*UU Christian Journal
*Eagle Tribune Online
*Beacon Press
*Partner Church Council Newsletter
*Unitárius Élet - Unitarian Life magazine (HU)
*Christian Seed-Sower magazine (Keresztény Magvető) (RO)
*Periodicals: Faith and Freedom, The Inquirer, The Unitarian



-Unitarian principles
-What is Unitarian?
-Socinian: Unitarianism in Poland
-Who are unitarians?
-Unitarians in Catholic encyclopedia
-Unitarian Church in Encyclopedia Britanica
-Unitarian Church in Encyclopedia Britanica 2
-Unitarianism, general info
-Unitarian History  - enyclopedia
-Unitarian History
-Unitarianism - by Wikipedia
-Biblical Unitarians


United Kingdom

United Kingdom
About General Assembly  
The London Spiritual Network

Christian Unitarians

*Unitarian Christian
*Unitarian Christian Association
*Christian Unitarians, Italy
*Biblical Unitarians
*Christian UU
*American Unitarian Conference
*UU Christian Fellowship
*The Unitarian Historical Society
*Iglesia Cristiana Unitaria

Books, writings

1. Unitarian Christianity  by W.E. Channing
2. Unitarian Christianity  by W.E.Channing
3. Unitarian? Whats that? by Clif Reed
4. The Open Mind
5. Wisdom Quotes
6. Theodor Parker sermons
7 .Thomas Jefferson: A UU perspective
8. Channing: Spiritual freedom
9. Mester Béla: The Connection between the Unitarian Thought and Early Modern Political Philosophy

10. Louis Elteto: Writings about Unitarians 


12. Egy az Isten - The Lord is One

 UUA Bookstore online
 GTU library
 Florida District Library

Classical writings

Unitarian sermons - where to find them


Liberal and Free ...

-Center For Free Religion
-Jesus Seminar / Westar Institute
-Miguel Servet Institute
-Miguel Servetus
-Brahmo Samaj
-Parliament of the World Religions (CPWR Global Network)


Other Unitarian

*Unitarian Society
*Unitarian College Archives
*Unitarian Club, Robert Green Ingersoll
*National Unitarian Fellowship

*Unitarian votu-project




/UU Christian Fellowship mailing lists

/Petrosani Diaspora Congregation mailing list
/Nordic Unitarian mailing list



-ICUU  site map
-Purposes and principles


Famous Unitarians & UU's

-Hungarian Unitarians
-American Unitarians
-Unitarian-Universalist Biographies 
-Famous UU's
-Notable Unitarian Women

Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation
UU Fine Art
Bert Christensen
Famous UU artists list
Herman Melville
Béla Bartók / Béla Bartók 
Edvard Grieg
Charles Dickens
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Robert Fulghum
Henry David Thoreau
Earl Morse Wilbur
George Huntston Williams
Theodore Parker
Norbert Capek
Alexander Graham Bell
Tim Berners-Lee
Samuel Morse
Sir Isaac Newton
Joseph Priestley
John Murray
Florence Nightingale
Michael Servetus
John Milton
Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Jefferson
William Howard Taft
Clara Barton
Edmund Halley
Olympia Brown
Thomas Starr King
Conrad Wright
Sylvia Plath

more on www.famousuus.com  


Test, quiz


Quiz: What kind of a UU ARE you?

What's your Spiritual Type?

Transylvanian Unitarian  test

Unitarian Universalist

/Unitarian Universalist Association
/About UUA
/UU Principles
/UU History
/What is UU?
/What is UU?
/UUA Congregations
/European UU
/UU in The Columbia Encyclopedia
/UUA Encyclopedia.com
/About UU
/The UU
/What is UU?
/About UU, by Martha Flanagan
/Thomas Jefferson letters:  A Unitarian Creed
/Important dates
/Encyclopedia: What is UU?
/UU history
/UU adherents (TOP 10)
/UU Traditions
/UU's Christian or cult?
/UU Faith (apologetics index)
/Unitarian Universalism - links
/Unitarian Universalist
/Who are UU Christians?
/UU Music
/Code of Profesional Practice for UU Ministry


UU Districts

Church of Larger Fellowship 
      UUA Districts:


Theological Schools

Meadville-Lombard  (Chicago)
SKSM-StarrKing (Berkeley)
Harris Manchester College, Oxford
Unitarian College, Manchester (UK)
Protestant Theological Institute Cluj/Kolozsvár

UU Students

American UU

*Unitarian Universalist Association
*Canadian Unitarian Council
*Conzervativ UU Forum
*American Unitarian Conference
*UU Jokes
*UU Humour
*U.Service Commity  Canada
*W.E.Channing: UU Tracts On-Line
*The Unitarian Universalist Tradition: A Basic Research and Reading List
*Notable Women
*Small Group Ministry Network
*UU Community 
*UU Young adult network and campus ministry
*UU Just Economic Community
*UU Affordable Housing Corporation
*UU's for Alternatives to the death penalty
*Greater Washington Association of
Unitarian Universalist Congregations
*Unitarian adoption
*UU Christian Fellowship



--UUPCC - Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council
Members of UUPCC
--UUPCC Travel Guide
-- Partner Church News, Pilgrimages collection
--Sermons, confessions collection
--Partner Church Council Newsletter

UU Others

*Earl Morse Wilbur- Our Unitarian
*Biblical Unitarians
*Christian UU
*Unitarian Universalism
*AUC-Unitarian History
*UU Books
*UU Cafe
*UU Homeschool
*UU Just Economic Community
*UU Parenting
*UU Products
*UU Service Commitee
*UU Women's Heritage Society
*Canadian UU  Women's History
*UU usenet group
*UU- UN. Office
*UU- Jewish Awareness
*UU Harvest Hope Project
*UU- Musicians Network
*UU-Buddhist Felowship
*Unitarian Christian Association
*UU - Discussions
*UU - History
*UU Tim Berners-Lee
*UU Pagans
*Unitarian US. Presidents
*UU Holidays
*UU Roots by Jeremy Taylor
*Unitarian Ethos
*Unitarians Worldwide
*UU's in Science Fiction
*Unitarian politicians
*List of UU Blogs
*Religion and Sex
*Unitarian Historical Society


*Rev. Stefan M. Jonasson



Danish Remonstrants

Remonstranten site
EXIT Translations



- Jay Roller in Transylvania
- S. Berliner, III's
- Louis Elteto, Portland, Oregon (1)
- Louis Elteto, UU (2)
- Norwegian Unitarian Blog

- Guide to UU blogs 

- Unitarian Record



ARIUS, Arians






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