Unitarian Church in Hungary

"As it was the will of our Lord Sovereign, his Highness, to bring decisions along with his country on the sessions of the Diet the preceding days, regarding the matters of religion, he is willing to confirm the same this very day, namely that preachers are supposed to propagate the Gospel in all places, according to their own understanding, and if the community is willing to accept, it is well, if it is not, no one is allowed to press them to adopt it in spite of their not being reassured in their heart; but they may keep a preacher whose teachings they like. And no one among the superintendents, or others are allowed to hurt them for this, for on account of the religion no one is to be sneered at, according to the former rules. No one is allowed to threaten anyone with imprisonment or deprivation of his office; for faith is the gift of God, this comes from listening, listening to the words of God."

Diet of Torda, January, 1568.

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