Hódmezővásárhely Unitarian Church

H-6800 Hódmezővásárhely, Vöröskereszt str. 16/a.

Email:  hunit@enternet.hu 

Minister:  Rev. Mihály Kiss

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Church building

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Short history:

In Hódmezővásárhely the revival of Unitarianism started in the spring of 1879, when a few Lutheran and Reformed people left their own church and chose the Unitarian faith. Their teacher was Nagy Tamás, a school teacher who spread the Unitarian faith and educated the people. After 5 years these people established the Unitarian church.

The first service was help on May 17, 1880 by Nagy Lajos,  district dean of Kolozsvár. This generated widespread interest in favor of the Unitarians.

In the beginning they held 3 services a year, but later, by 1884 they had a Sunday service every month. The visiting minister was Derzsi Károly from Budapest. More and more people were interested in this new faith.

Another reason for growth was that a prominent local person, Kovács József, became Unitarian with his whole family in 1890 , and became the biggest benefactor of the church.

The congregation first built a meeting house and a school, which in 1891 had 70 students.

By 1893 the church had 527 members.

In 1910 they build the Gothic style church with its 32 meter high tower.

The First World War diminished the congregation and the church activity. The war took the bell and the organ pipes.

In 1920 life started all over again: they bought a bell and 60 acres of land to maintain the church and its ministers. The minister was Biró Lajos and church life expanded beyond the city limits, including other cities, such as: Szeged, Békés, Békéscsaba, Gyula, and Orosháza.

In 1957 the church lost its property because of nationalization, and the church and ministers struggled for their existence. Jakab Jenő was their minister for 8 years, then left; when Kelemen Miklós was the minister, he had to have another job besides the ministry to assure the necessary income. For 10 year the church had no minister.

The situation changed in 1986, when a new minister arrived in the person of Kiss Mihály. He started to rebuild the spiritual the life of the church. Currently the congregation is growing, strengthening, church attendance is growing.

In September, 2004 there was a new church dedication, celebrating the church repairs and the 125th anniversary of the congregation (from 1879 ).