26-28 July, 2001.
The International Association for Religious Freedom

Bad Boll Final Statement

European members of IARF coming from various countries inside and outside the European Union as it is currently constituted met at Bad Boll, Germany, from 26-28 July 2001. They discussed a range of issues affecting freedom of religion or belief as part of human rights in Europe.

In this context, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union was recognised as an effective means to enhance the legal status of human rights in general and the right to freedom of religion and belief in particular in the present and future member states of the European Union. It should also serve as the proper legal framework of the decision-making processes in the European Union and the interpretation and implementation of the resulting decisions.

The IARF underlined the importance of listening to the voices of all the nations and peoples of Europe as they seek to implement religious freedom as an inalienable right for every community and individual. Specifically and particularly where religious minorities are victims of discriminative legislation or practices in the absence of state neutrality, IARF urges the implementation of the right of religious freedom. This should be in terms of recognition and/or non-discriminatory registration of religious communities, protection of their rights to practise their beliefs, and promotion of educational strategies, which prevent intolerance and discrimination based on religion and belief.

Evangelische Akademie
Bad Boll

Orbókné, Ilona Szent-Iványi
IARF Europe and Middle East Coordinator
H-1122 Budapest
Városmajor u. 13


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