Famous Unitarians

"I believe the world is not a chain of random occurences. I believe everything is meant for something... I believe that achieveing the purpose of universal life depends on many little purposes, humanly endeavours; that every nation, every individual is given the mission to forge a link of this endless chain..."

Ferenc Balázs

Dávid, Ferenc
(kb. 1520-1579)
Founder of the Church, first bishop of the Unitarian Church.
Heltai, Gáspár
Saxon preacher in Kolozsvár, Bible translator into Hungarian, writer and printer. Author of the book: Chronicle on the Deeds of the Hungarians.
János, Zsigmond
Prince of Transylvania, Hungarian king, great supporter of the Unitarian reformation.
Bogáti Fazakas, Miklós
(1548-1598 után)
Preacher, writer, translator of the Psalms.
Enyedi, György
Bishop, preacher, end of the 16. century outstanding theologian.
Kolozsvári Dimén, Pál
Director and saviour of the college in Kolozsvár, eminent scientist in medicine.
Petrichevich Horváth, Ferenc
Chief trustee of the Unitarian Church, organizer of the Consistorium in Marosvásárhely, he gave a great endowment.
Lázár, István
Bishop, during his time nearly 50 churches were erected or renovated.
Körmöczi, János
Bishop, philosopher, founder of the phisics equipment store at Unitarian College in Kolozsvár.
Augusztinovics, Pál
He gave a great endowment, chairman of the Audit Office in Transylvania.
Bölöni Farkas, Sándor
Democratic thinker and writer. Was first to Described North-America and its social circumstances. (Utazás Észak-Amerikában - Travel in North-America, 1834), founder of the first Transylvanian co-operative society (1854).
Aranyosrákosi Székely, Sándor
Bishop, college director, song book author, historian, writer. Author of the Hungarian epic: Székelyek Erdélyben (Seclers in Transylvania).
Brassai, Sámuel
College, than university teacher, musician, general education organizer, "The Last Transylvanian Polymath", first chairman of Francis David Society.
Kríza, János
Bishop, poet, editor of the first Transylvanian folk-poetry collection Vadrózsák (Briar Roses), founding editor of the first Transylvanian theological issue Keresztény Magvető (Christian Sower) alapító szerkesztője (1861).
Berde, Mózes
King of the Unitarian benefactors, his foundation made possible to build the Unitarian College in Kolozsvár.
Berde, Áron
Director of the Unitarian College in Kolozsvár, professor and first Rector at Franz Joseph University, eminent economist, author of the first Hungarian specialised textbook on meteorology and climatology (Légtüneménytan, Air Phenomenon, 1847) szerzője.
Kőváry, László
Historian of Transylvania, statistician, editor, college trustee.
Jakab, Elek
Historian of Kolozsvár, freedom fighter in 1848, director of the guvernamental archives.
Orbán, Balázs
Writer, traveller, born a catholic, he choose unitarianism in 1865. He left all his property and library to the Unitarian College in Székelykeresztúr. Most known work: A Székelyföld leírása. (Description of the Székely Land)
Ferencz, József
Bishop, church organiser, catechism compiler. He was leader of the church for 52 years, including 10 years hard times during the First World War .
Szentkatolnai Bálint, Gábor
Traveller in East, linguist, university professor in Kolozsvár, born a catholic, he became an unitarian in 1870.
Pákei, Lajos
Church counsellor, engineer, architect. Main creations: the building of the Unitarian College in Kolozsvár, the curch buildings in Bölön, Székelyudvarhely, Firtosmartonos, Lokod, Magyarsáros, in Házsongárd (Kolozsvár city) cemetery the memorial of Sámuel Brassai and Mózes Berde, Hotel New York (today: Continental) and other public buildings in Kolozsvár.
Kelemen, Lajos
Teacher in Unitarian College in Kolozsvár, historian, trustee of the Church.
Gyallay, Domokos
College teacher, editor, writer (Vaskenyéren - Living On Iron Bread).
Bartók, Béla
Composer, folk-song collector, became unitarian and member of the Unitarian Church in Budapest of his own conviction. His son, Béla Bartók jr., was the trustee of the Church.
Gyergyai, Árpád
Scientist in medicine, university professor, college trustee.
Gelei, József
College teacher, trustee of the Church, worldwide known biologist, university professor.
Varga, Béla
Theological university professor, bishop, philosopher, teacher, university professor.
Balázs, Ferenc
Minister, youth leader, cooperative founder, writer, member of the Tizenegyek (The Eleven - literature group). He wrote a book on his travel around the globe: Bejárom a kerek világot (Wandering All Over the Round World).
Szent-Iványi, Sándor
Chairman-minister of the Unitarian Church in Hungary, bishop secretary, national assembly delegate. During the II. World War he spoke and acted against antisemitism, after the war he was the chairman of the Hungarian Red Cross.
Szabédi, László
Poet, literary translator, linguist, university teacher.
László, Gyula
Archeologist, university teacher.
Mikó, Imre
Writer, lawyer, politician, literary translator, trustee of the Unitarian Church in Transylvania.
Bözödi, György
Writer, sociography scientist, historian.

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